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Fundamentally, DEN mentors support students.  Mentors often attend weekly DEN meetings to reflect and give back to the larger DEN community.  Mentors connect with DEN students and their ideas to advance them outside the Tuesday night meetings.  Mentors also provide access to resources--such as pitch contests, start-up events, accelerators/incubators, and their own personal networks.  The DEN could not exist without the support of its mentors. 

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DEN Coach

DEN Coaches are entrepreneurship mentors that want to contribute to budding entrepreneurial ventures in an intimate manner. On the first DEN meeting of the year (usually on the first day of classes each semester), students will pitch their ventures. DEN Coaches will choose one venture to mentor throughout the semester. This mentorship will require a minimum of 3 hours/month (12 hours/semester). 2 hours each month will be spent at a Tuesday night DEN meeting, giving personalized guidance to teams during the “Build” segment of the DEN meeting. The other hour in the month will be spent in remote communication, either through phone or email, with student teams to answer questions and support progress towards commercialization.


DEN Coaches will leverage their own expertise and connect student groups to experts in specific fields to make sure that a student venture is progressing to market effectively. Ideal DEN Coaches are experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate in seeing young entrepreneurs grow and work outside their comfort zone to maximize the value of the student venture. It is important to note that DEN Coaches are not responsible for pushing students.


Minimum Time Commitment: 3 hours/month: 2 hours/month at a DEN meeting, 1 hour outside DEN meeting.


DEN Expert


Kevin Carr, CEO and former VP of Player Development

for the NBA

DEN Experts represent a specific skill set necessary to support many student ventures in their journeys to commercialization. Each semester, DEN Experts will be featured speakers at one Tuesday night DEN meeting during the “Learn” segment. DEN Experts will then offer their expertise to all student teams during the “Build” segment of the meeting. DEN Experts are also encouraged to attend DEN meetings throughout the semester to participate in the “Build” segment when available. A complete list of topics and fields that require a DEN Expert featured speaker during the semester can be found on the semester’s schedule page.


Minimum Time Commitment: 2 hours/semester (one DEN meeting/semester) as a DEN Featured Speaker. DEN attendance at DEN meetings when available.

DEN Champion

DEN Champions support the DEN mission and connect DEN leadership with opportunities to build stronger entrepreneurial networks in the Upstate and beyond. DEN Champions understand the value of the DEN and want to see it succeed in preparing Clemson students from all majors for the competitive job market after graduation. DEN Champions may be involved in fundraising for the DEN, introducing the DEN to potential DEN Experts, introduce students to entrepreneurship resources in the region, etc.


Minimum Time Commitment: As needed.


Trevor Booker, former Clemson basketball star and current player for the Utah Jazz

No matter your involvement in the DEN--we thank you!