How the DEN has impacted the lives of students, innovators, and leaders


The DEN is where our company was founded. The DEN is where I met some of my most influential mentors and business partners. The DEN is the place without walls fueled by the raw energy of motivated individuals that has armed me with what I need to change the world.

- Hobey Tam

As a biomedical engineer I thought I could avoid business in my career. The DEN helped me realize that I dont need to avoid it. I now believe I am capable of starting a company, and now have the tools, knowledge and network I need to get started.

- Chris Ferreira

I co-lead The DEN because I believe that all people should learn how to think creatively, recognize every problem as an opportunity for innovation, and work towards inspired solutions to problems that matter. The DEN has introduced me to many friends and colleagues, and to new tools, techniques, opportunities and challenges that have shaped my professional and personal life. As I launch my first company this Fall, can safely say that The DEN has given me the personal confidence and the professional vision to pursue my own ventures and entrepreneurial dreams.

- John DesJardins

Before the DEN, I was just another lost engineering student, searching for a purpose in the bowels of higher education. The DEN connected me with students, faculty and titans of industry to show me what life looks like after graduation. Now, I know what skills are necessary to build in order to have an impact in the work force.

- Alex Bina

The DEN has changed how I perceive myself. I've realized that I have the ability at any time in my life to stand against the status quo and to innovate the way things are done in our daily lives. At the DEN I get to witness students with this same simple desire who inspire me.

- Kaitlyn Hackathorn

The DEN has given me the opportunity to think and explore outside the box in ways no other organization can. It has helped me turn the smallest of ideas into realities while getting to meet a lot great and inspirational people on the way. I am continuing to learn and experience what it means to be an entrepreneur and I have this organization to thank for that.

- Dominic Kalousek

As Industrial Engineers, the ability to convey ideas and transfer knowledge is just as important as solving the actual problems. The DEN is a great platform for students to realize that need and hone their skills to better prepare themselves for the real world.

- Di Nguyen

The DEN has encouraged me to meet other intelligent individuals and expanded my network of colleagues. The DEN has allowed me to extend my thought process. I am now more susceptible to generating new ideas and innovations. The DEN has allowed me to gain experience, as a leader, organizing responsibilities in the career path I choose.

- Garrett Mozingo

The DEN has nurtured my leadership skills and served as a constant forum of support and collaboration. It has been an inspiration for me to take chances and have confidence in my own crazy dreams. A true reminder that you never know what can come out of something till you make it happen.

- Bailey-Jean Walker

Before joining the DEN, I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur but I was unsure of how to do that and relate it to major of bioengineering. Now, I have an understanding that I can use the critical and analytical skills that I have gained in my years of being an engineer without actually being hands on with things that I learned in class.

- Brianna Ryans

Through learning about the 4 C’s (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication) through improv activities as well as the power of game based learning, I believe I gained skills and a mindset that makes me a more well rounded individual. The DEN also opened my eyes to the amount of diversity that is required to be successful in a career related to design and entrepreneurship.

- Aaron Katz

I learned how important it is to conduct problem based interviews, which is something I would of usually brushed off as trivial. I then used the results i found, and tied it into to my very first pitch, and was able to get some insightful feedback. By doing this, I went against my personal fear of speaking, albeit not cured, it was a step in the right direction.

- Scarlett Knight